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People who are always interested in the cryptocurrency exchange take action by doing a lot of research in areas such as buying Thodex dai coins.

In this sector, where the focus of attention is more and more, information is collected about the most suitable crypto currency purchases and sales transactions such as dai coin. So how should thodex dai coin get?

What is the Coin ?

To search for answers to unknowns about thodex dai coin purchases, you first need to find the most accurate answers to what is dai coin. Although Dai coin is one of the oldest stablecoins on the cryptocurrency exchange, it is different from other coins. The Dai coin, fixed at $1, is a non-centralized neutral collateral-backed cryptocurrency. TheMaker protocol,known as the multi-guarantee dai system, is a processthat is organized and operated by the community that manages the Maker management protocol for users. Dai coins are kept in wallets or platforms. Supported dai is much easier to create, access, and use in Ethereum and other popular applications.

How should Dai Coin Purchase Binance?

Binance, which is the world leader in cryptocurrency exchange in general, is the most preferred among dai coin purchases as in other cryptocurrencies. However, Thodex, Turkey’s first cryptocurrency exchange, provides great conveniences for the purchase of dai coins.  In order to buy thodex dai coins, it is first required to discard the balance of Turkish lira or buy cryptocurrencies to be used for it. Log in to the home page on the Thodex website and select the credit-debit card button from the get crypto option that appears on the screen.

On the drop-down page, select how much TRY you want to make, and then check the USDT in the coin section. After buying USDT, click the classic tab of buy-to-sell. In the section that opens, select the USDT tab, type Dai from the search button, and then select the Dai-USDT pair that comes out at the bottom. Then come to Get a dai coin from Thodex and enter the amount you want to receive.


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